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On 'Transcend!'

These pieces were recorded very quickly over a few days at my home studio. Some were based on rough sketches of a tune or ostinato - everything else was completely improvised. "Lin-lan-lone" is ...... read more

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On 'Last Train'

High in the Cascades, a locomotive steams through a network of hills and valleys containing isolated settlements & communities (101 Valley Farms). The pace mounts as we struggle up steep gradients ...... read more

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On 'Other Stories'

Following the 'long-form' of Wolcum Yole, I felt that it would be a good contrast to record some shorter pieces, not strictly related to each other, where improvisation was at the fore. A...... read more

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On 'Wolcum Yole'

For me, making music has increasingly been about finding and sustaining a 'feeling' in a way that I cannot and would not care to analyze. Whether playing Jazz, composing or interpreting other peo...... read more

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