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As Leader/Solo

... and Far Away (2017)

Nick Peck: Piano, Synthesizers, Hammond Organ

"and Far Away is a series of tableau comprising piano and various keyboards, both a thank-you to the late John Talyor, and unashamed explorations of the English choral and folk traditions that have been, (and continue to be) a source of inspiration for over 20 years."

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Track Preview
A Dawlish Tale
Summer Rising
Even Song
From Perranporth to Black Tor
Night Flight
Pastorale/The Bumpkin (No preview)
...and Far Away (No preview)

Cycle (2017)

Nick Peck: Piano

"'Cycle', is a work for solo piano in which composition and improvisation seamlessly blend in a headlong plunge into a dark neo-romantic landscape, filled with ghosts of the past. Or, programatically speaking; Berg, Mahler, Schumann, Liszt and Messiaen meet up with yours truly for a night on the town, and some interesting drinks."

Download contains both .mp3 and high resolution .wav copies.

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Track Preview
Part I
Part II
Part III (No preview)
Part IV (No preview)
Part V (No preview)
Part VI
Part VII
Part IX (No preview)

As a Sideman

Len Aruliah No Complications (2016)